About the Exhibition

The Depiction of Women & Books in Florentine Art
LIS 698: Florentine Art & Culture: Museum & Library Research and Documentation
Kate Dietrick
Summer 2010 Semester
Professor Anthony Caradonna

About the Exhibition:

In conjunction with our course, Florentine Art & Culture: Museum & Library Research and Documentation, our assignment was to take the form of an exhibition catalog including twelve pieces from museum visits for which the theme would be based on an aspect of Florentine art and culture and would include our individual experience and observation on our chosen topic.

The theme for my exhibition is The Depiction of Women and Books in Florentine Art and is comprised of paintings, frescoes and sculptures dating from 1350 to 1603 from the Uffizi, Accademia, Palantina, Bargello, Duomo, and Santa Maria Novella. By examining the ways in which women and books are presented to the intended Florentine viewers, I will discuss both the art historical analysis of each piece while also broaching the subject of the status of women and education during the time period.

Explore the twelve pieces by utilizing the links on the right-hand side–the bibliography and topic essay along with my personal perspectives of the trip are seen in links above.

Leonardo da Vinci, Annunciation (1472-1475)

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